Danae Little is the founder of All Sierra Highlanders. After meeting her husband, Eric, her innate adventureness became actualized. She wanted to share all her new found skills and increased self-confidence with children. In 2006 she returned to school to complete her degree in Child Development and earn her teaching credential. In the summer of 2007, she began her first adventure camp with only three children! It has grown exponentially since then to have multiple, multi-level camps each summer. Danae has taught at two local Amador County schools though at this time she is staying home as a full time mom to her son, River.

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All Sierra Highlanders

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Delynda Clarity, known as Miss Yippie Hippie at camp, was given her nickname during her first year of helping out at Adventure Camp. She has had years of experience with children from raising her own five as well as opening her home to foster kids for over a decade. When not at camp, Delynda is a massage therapist. She has enjoyed this healing work, which she calls her bliss, for over two decades. Check out more about Delynda's Massage.


Our volunteers are wonderful additions to our adventure team. We enlist the help of teachers, community members, parents, grandparents, and even some teenage camp graduates! We couldn't do these camps without them!

Thank you for all your hard work! 

Eric Little is an adventure enthusiast. He has a multitude of experiences from backcountry skiing to spelunking to rock climbing to whitewater kayaking. His keen knowledge of available adventures in our local Sierra’s and an unwavering ability to know a person’s strengths, weaknesses, and limits, allows him to be a phenomenal leader. He brings a special quality to camp which allows him to motivate, encourage and talk others through their fears across the other side to success! By trade, Eric is an electrical contractor having worked in the field of construction for the last decade and a half. He has a successful electrical business, Little Electric, with a large customer base from Pioneer to Stockton. For the last six years he has been an integral part to Danae’s summer camps leading adventures and creating challenge courses. 

,All Sierra Highlanders have been conducting Adventure Camps for almost ten years now. This one of a kind business in Amador County provides the vital service of giving youth the chance to experience the outdoors and nature through a variety of self-esteem boosting adventures. With low child to adult ratios, campers get the chance to explore nature, learn survival skills, build self-confidence and so much more. This is a very small, family owned company that utilizes help of volunteers and community members. Get to know our leaders!